Resources, such as sample source code and presentation slides/PDFs, will be posted here.

Day Files and links
Monday Lectures:Notes
Day Files and links
Monday Lectures:IntroductionTRT/MRT lecture

Coding (Taylor-Green):Exercises descriptionExercise 1Exercise 2Exercise 3

Coding (Four-rows mill):Exercise 1, Exercise 2

Solution:Taylor-GreenTRT Taylor-Green, Four-rows mill, Four-rows mill (TRT)

Wednesday Lectures:Shan-Chen, Binary-Liquid

Coding: Exercises description

Coding (Shan-Chen):Exercise 1 (Matlab), Exercise 1 (C++), Exercise 2, Exercise 3 (C++), Exercise 3 (Matlab), Visualization of C++ files with Matlab, Gas-liquid curve

Coding (Binary-Liquid):Exercise 1, Exercise 2, Exercise 3, Shear droplet analysis, Contact angle analysis

Solution:Shan-Chen model, Binary-liquid model

Day Files and links
Monday Lectures:Scaling
Thursday Lectures:Immersed boundary method

Coding:Exercises description, Exercise code

Solution:Tank-treading RBC, Tumbling RBC, Migrating particle, Steady flow around cylinder, Unsteady vortex street

Day Files and links
Tuesday Lectures: Corners treatment, Curved Boundaries, Straight Boundaries

Coding: Exercises description, Exercise 1 (Poiseuille BB), Exercise 2(Poiseuille Zou-He), Exercise 3 (Poiseuille developing), Exercise 4 (Back-Step flow), Bonus (Curved boundaries)

Solution:Poiseuille BB, Poiseuille Zou-He, Poiseuille developing, Back-step flow

Day Files and links
Wednesday Lectures:Visualization

Data files: Examples_for_visualization

Day Files and links
Thursday Presentation: GPUComputing
Links:GPU acceleration resources