The purpose of the LBM workshop is to give newcomers to the lattice Boltzmann method a comprehensive overview of the method.  The emphasis is on helping researchers make simulations that “just work”.

We won’t use PowerPoint; we will use only blackboard and computers instead. From the step-by-step derivations of the method in the morning, you will be able to try it out through simulations afternoon in the computer class.

Overall, the workshop is aimed at graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, faculty, and industry professionals who just started working with the method, want to have step-by-step explanations,  and want to save the time on initial reading.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn from experts, and they will write code for basic and advanced simulations. Understanding of theory will be promoted through sessions that focus on the derivations of important results rather than simply reporting recent advances.

Topics that may be covered at this event include:

  • LBE derivation
  • Equilibrium distributions
  • Multiphase flows
  • Boundary condition implementation
  • Applications
  • Immersed boundary method
  • High performance computing: GPU programming, clusters
  • Visualization techniques and software